Monday, March 9, 2009

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Bicycling Update // Literally doing the impossible...

Or so it seems.

This weekend, Adam and I trekked — slogged — despite the timechange to go biking on the LA River Bikepath down to Long Beach and back again.  Up at 5am to see some sleepy Starbucks folks, then onto Duarte at 7am to start the ride before sunrise.  The bikepath is sketchy, gritty and narrow.

We completed this ride in 6 hours for a total of 78 miles, including an hour of breaks.

A little background.  This ride was once inconceivably difficult, and never did we think that a return trip from Long Beach was possible — especially without a 2800 calorie lunch!

I barely made it back — I was literally 'bonked' the last 15 miles , but we'll try again this weekend I think.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Printer Hack — I gotta learn how to do this....

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No Caption Needed (PART 12)

GOD'S POWER: chopping down satan!

Science Friday — Understanding Calories

Science Friday put together one of the best discussions on calories, weight loss and diet that I've ever heard.  If you're even remotely interested in weight related issues, this is definitely worth listening to.

I learned a lot — listen here (about 8 minutes).

>> ALSO CHECK OUT THAT DOUBLE-DOUBLE IMAGE — someone knows how to party!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This time I get to play whatever I want... watch out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Calories, etc

From NPR's 'Science Friday' — probably the best explanation of weight and calories I've ever heard, very well done!  Definitely worth listening to.

Direct link to the audio can be found here.

Bling-Bling... a bird's perspective.

Shape & form

Urban Fixedgear Concept

Just beautiful!


 Poor Stains the dog.

"Human Candles"

An art installation piece, but I'd definitely purchase these.

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

Very clever, Alligators...

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Massive Innovations in Sleepingbag Technology

Ideal Public School


So there I was...

Thinking about how hard it is sometimes to shuffle out of bed and turn on the computer and wait on my coffee to be ready... then I was sent this photo of some kids in China trying to get to school...

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Roadsign hacks continued!

Big Mama... You're Beautiful!

How to Skank! Best dance ever.

Probably the best dance ever — too bad ska doesn't really dance like this anymore, it's more like running in place these days.

"the sound that's sweeping Jamaica by storm!'